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Bring Home a Healthy Australian Shepherd Puppy

For smart and bright-eyed puppies, reach out to Belle's Australian Shepherds. I am committed to providing pet lovers with Aussies that are in good health. To offer puppies with that characteristic, genetic testing became the core of my breeding program. With the help of Paw Print Genetics, I checked the genetic makeup of Maverick and Zoey—my loving dogs.

Through the DNA testing, I saw the high possibility of my pets producing healthy puppies. So, I decided to breed Maverick and Zoey and share their wonderful fur babies to people who want to take good care of them. Take home one of my puppies today! I can give you a certificate of parentage. If you are based outside of Georgia, transportation can be arranged prior to purchase.

About My Aussies, Maverick and Zoey


Maverick and Zoey are my great companions. They are very playful and eager to please everyone in my family. Aside from bringing happiness, they also work hard in fulfilling their tasks as herd dogs in our 200-acre cattle farm.

Their Lovely Aussie Puppies

On July 4, 2018, Maverick and Zoey had their first litter of puppies. Their offspring came out very endearing and healthy. You may see how adorable look by visiting my Meet the Puppies page.

My Mission

My goal is to provide genetically sound puppies for loving homes. Being a pet parent, I understand the responsibilities that come with having Australian Shepherds. When a person owns a dog, he or she must show dedication and shower the pet with love and affection. Additionally, he or she must be ready for a financial commitment.

Because of these responsibilities, I know that you would take the time to study about breeds and search for the most suitable pet—just like what I did before making my Australian Shepherds a part of my family. I love my Aussie dogs, and I hope that you would choose this breed because they are active, healthy, and simply wonderful.

My Affiliations

  • Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)
  • American Kennel Club (AKC)